LAN Networks

Testing and Certification LAN Copper Network Cat.5, Cat.5e, Cat.6

Having one of the most advanced equipment on the market for testing and certifying the performance of structured cabling UTP, STP, SFTP and FO, LANTEK III, a product of IDEAL Industries USA, our company offers its partners and customers the testing service and performance certification for Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 cabling.

  • TIA and ISO / IEC standards for testing up to Cat 7A / 1000MHz
  • CAT 7 / ISO Fa complete autotest with graphs in seconds
  • Test CAT 7 / ISO Fa up to 1000 MHz
  • Advanced fiber test options: FIBERTEK & TRACETEK
  • Reports in PDF format

The LANTEK III range of LAN portable analyzers is available for measurement, certification and test at great-value or device rental together with a testing engineer.
Certification and measurement activities on co

  • Certification and Documentation Cat 6
  • Certification and Documentation Cat 5e
  • Certification and Documentation Cat 5

Testing is accompanied by automatic documentation for each measurement, ie electronic file with all tests and measurements.