IT services and consulting New and used computers Custom Software Online Customer Support

Professional IT services and solutions

IT Maintenance and support

Hardware Solutions

Manage and maintain workstations. Installation and configuration of software / hardware computing systems. Periodic preventive maintenance of equipment.

Software Solutions

Software development on demand.

Data security

Information Security, Implementation of Antivirus, Antispam, Antispyware and Firewall solutions. Deviruses, data recovery, etc. Backup on our servers.


Managing and maintaining the network. Administration and maintenance of servers and network equipment, Optimization of the Internet connection. Design, configuration and execution of networks.

IT services and consulting

Consultancy for computer systems configuration, Consultancy for the purchase of operating systems and software, Installation and configuration of operating systems for workstations- Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Windows XP, Seven., Server OS.

Online Support

Help Desk support. Solve problems alerted by the assistance system, e-mail, phone or chat Remote interventions.

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